Wanda Burger


Hello, and Welcome!

It has been a pleasure to meet each and everyone while working in this field!

In 1981 I began my career as a psychiatric nurse. The years have been exciting and interesting. Following a near fatal accident in 1991 where I sustained a TBI, I returned to college and became a psychotherapist. SInce then, the opportunities have been fantastic! These include working as a therapist, supervisor, clinical director, trainer and owner of my own practice. 

Trauma and Dual Diagnosis are my main specialities. In 2007 I was blessed to be in the Pilot Program of TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy). In 2012 I was honored to be among the therapists chosen to review work for Advanced Trauma. 


 As Region 8 Representative for the Licenising Association (LPCANC) , I had the opportunity to attend one of the first trainings for the  Certified Military Counselor Certificate (CMCC) in 2016.This meant so much to me as a "military brat" and having many family members (and friends) of several generations in various branches of the military. My son and step sons were in three seperate branches and had suffered some PTSS. Older family members had been in WW11, Korea and VIetnam.

This experience  has assisted me in learning the difference between military and civilian PTSS and PTSD and has gone a long way in helping first responders and family members adjust ! 

Overall, assisting people of all ages work through trauma, both clients and family, has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Give me a call today. I am here to listen and to help!. 


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